Love and The American Flag

Executive Producer: Joanna West
Producers: Joanna West / Vince West; WestWord Sound Exchange
Engineering & Mix: Rick Duncan, NACNUD Sound, Lodi, CA
Mastering: Brian Hijos, Lodi, CA
West By West Publishing (ASCAP)

1.  American Flag ‘Stadium Version’ - Words/Music by John L. Tiano & Vince West. (Tommy McClendon - Electric Guitar, Stockton, CA)
2.  Miss You Girl - Words/Music by Vince West (Rick Duncan - Bass, Lodi, CA)
3.  Your Kiss on My Lips - Words/Music by Vince West (Max Boiko - Trumpet, Brubeck Institute, Stockton, CA; Alex Reyes - Tenor Sax, UOP Conservatory of Music, Stockton, CA; Rick Duncan - Bass)
4.  What if We Both - Words/Music by Vince West
5.  Be My Girl - Words/Music by Vince West (Mark Russo - Alto Sax; Sarah Kuo - Upright Bass, Brubeck Institute, Stockton, CA)
6.  With You Gone - Words/Music by Vince West (Tommy McClendon - Electric Guitar; Rick Duncan - Bass)
7.  You’re All I Wanna Do - Words/Music by Vince West (Mark Russo - Soprano Sax)
8.  Don’t You Stop - Words/Music by Vince West (Mark Russo - Alto Sax; Rick Duncan - Bass)

  • ‘American Flag’ would not have materialized without the deep personal devotion to American Patriotism expressed by John Louis Tiano, our dearest friend and collaborator. 
  • Thanks to Larry Beaird, Beaird Music Group, Nashville TN, and the session musicians who heard and delivered on our project framework. Special thanks go to: Eddie Bayers - Drums, Eli Beaird - Bass, Larry Beaird - Acoustic Guitar, Troy Lancaster - Electric Guitar, Mike Payne - Electric Guitar, Howard Duck - Piano, and Scotty Sanders - Steel Guitar, and last but not least Tytus Welker and Aaron Beaird for all their admin support.
  • A very special thank you to Rich Duncan of NACNUD Sound who made this project come alive with his amazing engineering/mixing skills and personal touch. His many years of classical training and performance background can’t be beat.
  • Love and gratitude to my mother Carmel Miriam Triglia, whose biblical love and inspirational spirit fostered my appreciation for music and the gift of song.
  • Love, admiration, and gratitude to Drs, Dale and Helen Fjerstad for endless encouragement and musical guidance over many years.

  • To Joanna, without whose tireless love, musicality, and support this project would not have come to fruition.