Vince West is a romantic at heart, sharing passionately about life as common Americans and our Nation's Flag. His vision is to bring audiences to new perspectives, renewed hope, and vibrant personal change through introspective lyrics, colorful vocals, and mesmerizing melodies.

In grade school, while serenading teachers and sweethearts, Vince found his voice could heal heart, body, and soul. All genres of music have influenced his writing: Opera to Motown; Bluegrass to Big Band; Rock to Smooth Jazz. Today Vince West's writing bridges Country, Pop, R&B, Bosa, Jazz, and Singer-Songwriter Ballads.

West is always honored to sing our National Anthem --- The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful,  American Flag (by Vince West and JohnTiano), and America's You & Me (by Vince West) for our Veterans, Sports enthusiasts, and everyday red-blooded Americans year-round.

With his artistic baritone voice and guitar technique, audiences claim they are "lifted out of themselves." Vince's purpose in writing and performance is to take people to places they have never been so they live more fully after experiencing one of his songs.